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Anime Remix: Remix Detail - Uninstall
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by: Lord Katsuhiko Jinnai

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I'm excited to present to you the first remix posted on Anime Remix of 2011!  Before I go into the remix, I want to give a little history of Anime Remix.  When Anime Remix started many years ago, we tried to gain the support of as many remixers of anime music that already existed online.  One of the largest remixers out there is DJ Jinnai (now known as Lord Katsuhiko Jinnai).  We loved his music and we are proud to present the first of two remixes that he has submitted to this site.

Lord Katsuhiko Jinnai exquisitely arranged a piece from the 2007 anime "Bokurano".  This anime is full of computers, robots, aliens, and the release of a new video game.  The original song "Uninstall" is written by Chiaki Ishikawa and was used as the opening theme for all 14 episodes.  In the remix, Jinnai very cleverly played to the original song and produced a trance based arrangement that will satisfy all audiophiles especially those who love techno or appreciate quality sound engineering.

Enjoy this wonderful remix and be sure to provide your thanks for Jinnai's contribution!

Anime Information
Bokurano (TV)
ann | imdb | anidb
  • Episodes: 24
  • Time: half hour per episode
  • Age:
  •     During a summer camp, 15 children, 8 males and 7 females, find a grotto by the sea. Deep within they discover working computers and some electronic equipment, and later the owner, a man called Kokopelli. Kokopelli claimed to be a programmer working on a brand new game, in which a large robot has to defend the Earth against fifteen alien invasions. He persuades the children to test the game and sign a contract. All but one of them signs, barely a moment later they mysteriously awaken on the shore believing what happened was just a dream.