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Anime Remix: Remix Detail - A Love so Deep
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A Love so Deep

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by: DM Lee

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Some light orchestral melodic trance from DM Lee. Starts out with some very ambient, soft emotional piano and strings with some light percussion. The piano gains a bit of power and brightness as some electronic-style filter effects are applied and some more rhythm kicks into something more dancey, but still pretty ambient. The piece picks up more rhythm and volume along with some fade effects. Kind of a unique sort of transition for this style of music, building up to a cello solo at 1:42. Some really creative use of percussion used in this section, with piano and cello playing contrasting melodies. The piano takes over after a bit, with some added flange/phaser effects finishing with a soft ending.

A very unique style. Not quite trance, not quite ambient/orchestral. It maintains enough changes and energy to keep interesting, and yet stays nice and relaxing, so it could also be used as background music. A lot of stylistic elements I wouldn't try, but seem to work for this piece. Nice work DM Lee

-Ghetto Lee Lewis

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