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Anime Remix: Remix Detail - Booty Trapper
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Booty Trapper

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by: StriderYokoshima

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      Strider Yokoshima takes on dark driving DnB trip through Robotech that can't help but conjure up the word "groove." This is no autopilot cookie-cutter rehash of an old theme, this is taking anime into new moods and bring the best of pro-level beats with it. The samples are excellent and Strider does all his own drum sampling and programming. It starts off with fast paced light percussion over dark pads as new synth lines are layered in and the pads fade out... only to switch over to a more bass and snare heavy drum segment with a gnarly nasty bassline... it only get better from there.

-Per Lichtman

Anime Information
ann | imdb | anidb
  • Episodes: 85
  • Time: half hour
  • Age: Older Children (May contain mild bad language, bloodless violence)
  •     Made in America from three unrelated anime. The first part tells of humanity's first contact that ends in a war. Rick Hunter is a pilot who gets dragged along with the SDF-1 and joins with them to stop the invaders. Lyn Minmei is a singer who Rick rescues and falls for. Together they try to save the Earth and end the war without fighting, but with love. The second part deals with children of the first, the rebuilding complete; we send the SDF-3 to attack the masters. While it travels out in hyperspace to their worlds, the masters crawl into our solar system. The Earth must fight a devesting second war for a secret prize. Someone else wants the prize, the Invid. The third part gives us a world controlled by the Invid. The SDF-3 sends a probing force that is destroyed upon exiting hyperspace. A single survivor remains, a man taught to fight, with the will to free Earth. He forms a resistance with the goal of destroying the Invid hive at Reflux Point, aka New York.