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Anime Remix: Remix Detail - Waterpipe Angels
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Waterpipe Angels

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by: Xaleph

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I originally wrote this song on the way to my Christmas Vacation this last winter.  The original piece is called Toi Kioku.  I asked my friend Mythril Nazgul what this meant in Japanese.  He said Waterpipe Angel...  so that is exactly what I named it.  As for the remix, I really did not try a lot of new techniques in this song, but apparently a lot of people like it.  I know I personally like it more than a good majority of my previous songs.  It is a simple trance song, and it is pretty catchy.  I hope you enjoy this piece.

Anime Information
Hunter X Hunter (TV)
ann | imdb | anidb
  • Episodes: 62
  • Time: 23 minutes
  • Age: Teenagers (May contain bloody violence, bad language, nudity)
  •     Gon Freecs, a young boy that lives on a small island learns that his father who he doesn't remember is an extremely famous man and has become somewhat of an amazing hunter. Gon takes the hunter exam to seek out his amazing father, but on the way while teaming up with 3 other candidates, Kurapica, Leorio, and Killua, he learns that there is more to becoming a hunter and the challenges that he must face will be beyond his imaginations.