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by: Tepid

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  So it was my Sophomore year in Highschool.  I had just watched one of my friends attempt suicide and I didn't know how to handle it.  This girl I liked had just got into drugs, my grandfather had juste died, my best friend's family had just divorced... the list goes on.  It was the worst year of my life.  During this time everything was just so cloudy to me.  I felt lost - I felt that no one understood me.  It was a dark past that I had long tried to forget.  Somehow this song just reminded me of that time.  After everything was starting to resolve, this one guy I met from church taught me how to play the guitar.  To be honest - it's probably one of the things that really got me through.

Anyways this song brought back a lot of memories and a lot of emotions I had long forgotten.  Good and bad memories.

Anywyas so much for my long monologue =D.  This is our first remix from Serial Experiments Lain.  Much kudos to Tepid on this mix - to be able to give me such a reaction is hard to do (see Yakitate Japan).  I would have to say that this is one of the better accoustic pieces I've heard in a long time - and I love some of the changes he makes around 1:25 to the different filters.  The panning of the guitars in my opinion is perfectly done, and the mastering is really out of this world.  If you like accoustic guitar music - you need to download this piece.  And for all those LAIN fans out there - eat your hear out to this song!

  For those who haevn't seen lain - I recommend you go out and watch it.  Some people love it, some don't - just like every other anime.  The difference is taht there is a group of fans that really really like this anime - probably comprable to FF7 fanboys (like myself =P).  So seriously consider watching this anime because it was very well done.

Anime Information
Serial Experiments Lain (TV)
ann | imdb | anidb
  • Episodes: 13
  • Time: half hour
  • Age: Teenagers (May contain bloody violence, bad language, nudity)
  •     Lain Iwakura appears to be an ordinary girl, with almost no experience with computers. Yet the sudden suicide of a schoolmate, and a number of strange occurrences, conspire to pull Lain into the world of the Wired, where she gradually learns that nothing is what it seems to be... not even Lain herself.