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Anime Remix: Remix Detail - To Fly
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To Fly

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by: Vampire Hunter Dan

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Vampire Hunter Dan wrote:

Hello. I'm writing to submit an orchestral arrangement of themes from various anime series, called "To Fly." The themes involved here are: Ai no Theme (3x3 Eyes), Departure (Rurouni Kenshin TV), Main Title (Giant Robo), Spending Time in Preparation (Evangelion), Theme of Battle (Record of Lodoss War OVA), and Yakusoku wa Iranai (Escaflowne). The original composers are Kaoru Wada, Noriyuki Asakura, Masamichi Amano, Shiro Sagisu, Mitsuo Hagita, and Yoko Kanno.

I've heard some of Vampire Hunter Dan's music from here - and when he submitted a song to Anime Remix, I had high expectations which were met head on.  I know a few of these songs by memory, and so when I heard him go through each one of these songs - it felt as if I was reliving the emotions I had when I watched each one of these anime.  This is truly a beautiful piece of art, and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys all forms of music and anime.


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