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Anime Remix: Remix Detail - Anime Chipdisk Vol. 1
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Anime Chipdisk Vol. 1

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by: coda | nobuyuki | OverCoat | Tenemis

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Okay, I had an idea after talking to Matt for a bit. Since there's a database entry for "Multiple" anime, I thought "Hey, I can upload the chipdisk as if it were an Anime Remix!"

It is, in fact, a collection of 14 chiptunes from all different anime, in their native format. No MP3s here! That would be a waste of space, and MP3s can't loop anyway!
OC-GITS.IT:origa trail (gits:sac) :: overcoat/coda virus (fullmetal alchemist) :: coda
OC-NOIR.IT:crop area (noir) :: overcoat are the stars (ragnarok) :: coda (lain) :: overcoat ratio (evangelion) :: coda
CG-GALAX.IT:galaxy express 999 ending :: tenemis
CODA-HNG.IT:peek and pokute (hare+guu) :: coda
CG-AZUKI.IT:azuki-chan ending :: tenemis
NOBU-LD.IT:little date (ranma 1/2) :: nobuyuki evil by moonlight (smoon) :: overcoat communication (gundam wing) :: coda
CG-MNPHS.IT:nekomimi mode (tsukuyomi) :: tenemis
OC-AZUMA.IT:azumango (azumanga daioh) :: overcoat

Most of you can figure this out by yourselves, but I'll tell the clueless what to do: Just download this small .zip file, open it, and start the .exe, which plays the files with perfect accuracy. Apologies if you're on a Mac. You can try emulating it, though I'm not sure if that works. However, you can download VLC Media Player for the Mac and it plays these chiptunes very well [they're in the /dat/ folder]. Anyway, enough of the technical stuff. Enjoy your chiptunes. Unless of course you already have this chipdisk since it's old, in which case enjoy it again!

I think I'll take this spot to annouce that I am going to start work on Volume 2 very soon. Expect Dirty Pair, Lupin, and more oldschool anime in general! Also hopefully more artists, more formats, and more diversity in the chip sounds!

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