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Anime Remix: Remix Detail - Count it Up
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Count it Up

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by: Xaleph

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I thought I had put this up a long time ago.  This is probably my best piece up to date in terms of mastering and sound engineering.  I know it's pretty short, but it's a remix of the xtv theme 'count down' - and I even put in a few clips into the beat to make it sound pretty close to the original.  I have plans on continuing this song in the far future to make it a 8 minute mix, but for now go ahead and enjoy the piece.  This is track number 5 in my xtv collection.  I'm also planning on putting this on some videos possibly in the future.


Anime Information
ann | imdb | anidb
  • Episodes: 24
  • Time: 24 minutes
  • Age: Mature (May contain sex, drugs, and extreme graphic violence)
  •     It's the year of destiny and 15 year old Kamui Shiro, a powerful psychic, has returned to Toyko after a 6 year absence. He returns to protect his childhood friends, Fuuma, and Fuuma's younger sister Kotori. But destiny and fate are haunting Kamui and pulling in himself and his loved ones. It is his destiny to decide the fate of the world and mankind, no matter if he wants the role or not.