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Remixer Name Xaleph
First Name Matthew
Last Name Sabol
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Music is one of the few things that tames the inner chaos in my mind. Like the depths of the sea that masks and buffers the turbulence from a raging storm, writing music placates and tempers my mood.

My soul is allowed to shout, to cry, to laugh, to dance, to let insanity take it's course to take the brunt of my immaturity that plagues me so that the ones I love aren't hit in the crossfire in my mind's battle for sanity in this brutal world.

Once music and spirituality have melded to my soul and mind - I can be a pillar my children can rely on for support. I can be the dashing bandit of love for my wife. The symphony of my mind, heart, and soul can play each instrument on cue.

This is that music, my music, that I present to you.

Associated Remixes
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Arabian Nights Aladdin Xaleph 2009-12-30  Download  
Nothing Can Be Explained Bleach (TV) Lira Yin, Xaleph 2009-01-09  Download  
Orochimaru's Mansion Naruto (TV) Xaleph 2007-11-06  Download  
Departed Rurouni Kenshin Xaleph 2007-08-29  Download  
Count it Up X TV Xaleph 2007-05-01  Download  
Shampoo Planet Ergo Proxy (TV) Xaleph 2006-12-11  Download  
Psyduckula Duckula Xaleph 2005-05-03  Download  
Waterpipe Angels Hunter X Hunter (TV) Xaleph 2005-04-01  Download  
Psyku Naruto (TV) Xaleph 2005-01-17  Download  
Solitude Ceres, Celestial Legend (TV) Xaleph 2004-08-13  Download  
Alone X TV Dhsu, Xaleph 2004-08-11  Download  
Dark Prophecy Sailor Moon (TV) Xaleph 2004-06-25  Download  
2k2hs02 X TV Xaleph 2004-03-06  Download  
Distant Apparitions Vampire Princess Miyu (TV) Ryan8bit, Xaleph 2003-10-31  Download  
Reminisce of Solitude Samurai X: Trust & Betrayal (OAV) Xaleph 2003-04-24  Download  
Unmei01 X TV Xaleph 2003-02-11  Download  
Artist Remixes


by Xaleph
by Xaleph
by Dhsu, Xaleph
'Count it Up'
by Xaleph
Samurai X: Trust & Betrayal (OAV)
'Reminisce of Solitude'
by Xaleph
Ceres, Celestial Legend (TV)
by Xaleph
Naruto (TV)
by Xaleph
Naruto (TV)
'Orochimaru's Mansion'
by Xaleph
Vampire Princess Miyu (TV)
'Distant Apparitions'
by Ryan8bit, Xaleph
Rurouni Kenshin
by Xaleph
Sailor Moon (TV)
'Dark Prophecy'
by Xaleph
by Xaleph
Hunter X Hunter (TV)
'Waterpipe Angels'
by Xaleph
Ergo Proxy (TV)
'Shampoo Planet'
by Xaleph
Bleach (TV)
'Nothing Can Be Explained'
by Lira Yin, Xaleph
'Arabian Nights'
by Xaleph