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Anime Remix: Remixer Detail - Lira Yin
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Lira Yin

Remixer Name Lira Yin
First Name Lira
Last Name Yin
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"When you sing, you sound like a different person." Somewhere in the midst of all the confusion that people call "life", music appeared. And no catharsis was ever sweeter. --- Lira is a university student, lifelong singer, former violinist, and songwriter who sings for the sheer love of music. She finds no greater joy than singing-- save for finding that other people enjoy it, too. Spreading joy through music is more than possible; it's a journey. Collaboration requests may be sent through MySpace or lirayin [at] gmail.

Associated Remixes
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Nothing Can Be Explained Bleach (TV) Lira Yin, Xaleph 2009-01-09  Download  
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Bleach (TV)
'Nothing Can Be Explained'
by Lira Yin, Xaleph